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Can anyone be hypnotised?

Hypnosis in the clinical setting is a result of co-operation between the therapist and the client. Most people who want to be hypnotised, can be hypnotised.


Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely, hypnosis is a very safe, gentle and effective means of bringing about positive change.


Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?

No. As the trance state is natural, and you naturally go into an hypnotic state many times during the day, you can never get "stuck". At the end of the session you will return to your normal conscious state, generally feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Is hypnosis sleep?

No. In a trance (hypnotic state), you are very aware of what you hear and see and what is happening around you. When you sleep this is not the case.


Will the hypnotherapist take control of my mind?

You are the only one who has control over your mind. You can only be  hypnotised if you wish to be. Noone can make you do anything you don't  want. When you're hypnotised only you have complete control of your actions, thoughts and feelings. A person in hypnosis chooses what he/she wishes to reveal to the hypnotherapist.

The hypnotherapist is your guide, allowing you to recognize and alter the feelings and beliefs that no longer serve you well.


How does hypnosis feel?

When you are hypnotised you are deeply relaxed, so when you attend a hypnotherapy session you will feel relaxed, comfortable and fully aware throughout the session.


When can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can assist in a wide range of circumstances, some of which include:

   • Helping to solve a problem that you are unable to resolve consciously

   • Assisting you to gain access to internal resources that currently seem "blocked"

   • Greatly enhancing self confidence and self image

   • Assisting to change beliefs and attitudes that no longer work for you


Can I learn self hypnosis?

Yes, easily with a couple of sessions of training. 

Learning self-hypnosis can have many benefits, such as:

   • Allowing yourself to become deeply relaxed

   • Enabling you to discover a different perspective on your problems

   • Assisting in reduction of pain, stress and anxiety

   • Helping to restore energy

   • Visualising and moving towards goals


How many sessions are required?

This is difficult to assess as each person and issue is different. In the first  session I take a detailed case history and together goals are set, and an estimate given of the number of sessions required. This is reviewed as treatment progresses.Because hypnosis works with the subconscious to change beliefs, change is often rapid and long lasting.


Will I always be hypnotized in the first session?  

This depends on the discretion of the hypnotherapist, and if time permits. Hypnotherapy is a tool by which change can be made, and it is important to initially clearly understand all your issues, as well as your aims for therapy. The more detailed the case history, the better I am able to plan for success.




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