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                            WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY


Hypnotherapy is a natural state of concentrated awareness.  This state (called "trance state") is a state where you become extremely focused on internal thoughts or feelings, to the exclusion of external influences.

You would be surprised to know that you go in and out of this trance state many times naturally during the day. Think of the times you are driving, and don't actually remember getting from one place to another.  Or you may remember in school or a work situation, when you were bored or just staring out the window.  You were in a trance state. Your mind can drift like this many times during the day.

To more fully understand hypnosis we need to look at two components of the mind:

  1. The conscious mind: This is the part of the mind that works within our awareness, the part with which we make everyday decisions, and decisions of our choosing
  2. The subconscious mind: This is the part that works outside of our awareness, and consists of our entire range of experiences.  We do not have control over thoughts or beliefs etc, arising from this part.

When we first learnt to tie our shoe laces, ride a bike etc., we used our conscious minds to learn this activity.  However once we can perform these activities well, they become automatic. Our conscious minds no longer need to be involved in the activity, and our response comes from the subconscious. 


The subconscious not only stores knowledge of activities, but also thoughts and beliefs.  Many of these belief systems were learnt at a young age,and as we get older can become inappropriate or interfere with daily living. 

Take for example a young child who may be fearful of a parent, and learns to keep quiet or retreat  in order to prevent trouble, and as a result feels resentment. .  This feeling of resentment may be taken into the workplace as an adult, and may become an inappropriate response to a person in authority.  These circumstances could limit the adult's life considerably, affect personal relationships, and interfere with chances for promotion.


The use of hypnotherapy allows you to access the subconscious mind in order to change any unwanted habits or beliefs that may be holding you back.


Often these changes happen quite rapidly and permanently.






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