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When I came to Lyn, I felt fragile, lacked confidence and lacked a passion for life.  After a few sessions I now feel more at peace, confident and looking forward to a happier future.  Thanks. *



The way we feel about ourselves affects everyting we do in our lives.

Judging yourself harshly causes enormous pain.  You then find yourself taking fewer career, academic and social risks that may aggravate the pain of self-rejection.

You may make it more difficult for yourself  to take risks, change careers, interview for a job or interact in social situations.  You may limit your ability to be open with others. You may blame, or make excuses, or become angry.  You may even turn to addictive behaviours such as alcohol or drugs in order to dull the pain.


Low self esteem and confidence does not suddenly happen as an adult.  The major cause of poor self esteem is due to past negative programming (what you have learnt as a child).  You may have inherited your self criticism from family.  Or you may have taken on labels such as "clumsy, dumb unattractive, stupid" etc from a teacher, parent, relative or peer group.

Although as an adult these labels seem to be successfully buried, they can still remain in your subconscious, and play havoc with your life.


No matter what your circumstances, your self esteem is ALWAYS AFFECTED BY YOUR THOUGHTS.

Through the combination of a variety of techniques, you CAN successfully change the way you think about yourself and see yourself, and therefore markedly improve your self esteem.


Think about how many times in the day you may put yourself down, or see yourself as "silly"' "unworthy" etc.  Imagine if you learnt to change this inner language, to be and feel more positive, and to REALLY see yourself as OK.  You would begin to see both yourself and the world around you in a more positive way.


I can assist you to:

  1. Change your beliefs about yourself to recognize that "you are ok"
  2. Improve your outlook on life
  3. Learn to visualise yourself as successful, and move toward that scenario
  4. Discover innate skills and abilities that have previously been blocked by negative attitudes
  5. Recognize old outdated labels of yourself and change these to more positive thinking
  6. See yourself as capable and worthy
  7. Learn goal setting and how to plan for the future


By changing the way you think about yourself, you can TAKE CONTROL of your life and change many aspects of your life for the better.



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