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Everyone will at times experience symptoms such as general bad moods, lack of motivation or appetite, lack of energy, poor sleep patterns etc. These feelings are normal in response to stressful life situations. Generally these symptoms resolve by themselves within a short time.

Depression is present, however, when behavioural changes last for longer than two weeks.


Common behaviours relating to depression may include:

   • Out of character moodiness

   • Increased irritability or frustration

   • Being overly sensitive to minor personal criticism

   • Lack of interest in family or friends

   • Reduced appetite

   • Loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities

   • Sleep disorders

   • Increased alcohol or drug use

   • Increased physical health complaints

   • Slowing down of thoughts, feelings or actions


Depression can affect:

  1. Behaviours - Not going out, withdrawing, unable to concentrate
  2. Thoughts - "I'm a failure", "I'm worthless", "it's my fault"
  3. Feelings - Overwhelmed, irritable, frustrated, sad
  4. Physical - Tired, run down, poor sleep or appetite, headaches


The good news is that there can be light at the end of the tunnel.  I can work with you to increase your positive feelings, and to make long term changes that can turn your life around.

You can be taught to feel more relaxed, happier and healthier, to experience improved sleep and appetite, to bring more joy into everyday life, to feel more self confident, and to move towards a more positive future.



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