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Fears of phobias can relate to fears of people, places, objects or situations.  Many fears are useful and are natural cautions for one's safety.  Other people may function well by removing themselves from the thing that causes the fear.


The questions you need to ask yourself are as follows:

   • Is the fear affecting your relationships?

   • Is the fear forcing you to significantly change your habits

   • Are you constantly obsessing about the fear?

   • Is the fear affecting you physically, and even causing depression?

   • Is the fear preventing you from achieving your potential in life?


I can work with you to find out whether your fear has been transmitted from other people in your life, or if the fear is a result of severe stress, a childhood trauma or a past trauma, or a number of successive experiences over a period of time. Often you may not even be consciously aware of the cause.


Hypnotherapy can be a very effective method for reducing and often eliminating unwanted fears

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in accessing the subconscious, where the initial cause of the fear may be hidden. You will also learn correct breathing and relaxation techniques;, and different more positive ways to respond. Your self confidence will be increased as you imagine yourself calm and in control in all situations.


Some of the most common fears

Although there are too many to name, some of the most common include:

   • Fear of animals

   • Fear of flying

   • Fear of driving

   • Fear of being alone

   • Fear of being in crowds

   • Fear of open spaces

   • Fear of heights

   • Fear of enclosed spaces

   • Fear of the opposite sex

   • Fear of health issues















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