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I have just finished four hypnotherapy sessions with Lyn and feel so very different to how I felt at the beginning.  I am amazed at how my eating habits have changed so that I have no desire to eat larger portions of food, and the rubbish food that ruled my life no longer dominates me.  My life is much calmer and happier.  This work really does work. *  Jo 


Over the last week a wonderful change has occurred whilst undergoing hypnosis for a gastric band.  Whereas before my eating was uncontrollable, now, in just a short time, I'm back at the helm, eating only when I'm hungry. Miracles do happen! *  GD





I am very excited to offer you this programme.  Sheila Granger has developed this unique weight loss programme that has helped hundreds of people in the UK to take control of their weight.  Sheila has brought her programme to Australia, and I am now delighted to offer this to you.


What is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a non-surgical technique using the power of hypnosis that trains your mind and body to accept less food.

   • You physically eat smaller amounts

   • You safely and easily lose weight naturally

   • You become more fit and active

   • Most people experience positive changes from the very first session


Also included in the gastric band programme:

   • Personalised CD  

   • Learn how to permanently change negative beliefs e.g."I've always overeaten, I can't stop eating,

     My family are all big eaters, Diets don't work, I'll never lose weight" etc.  

Change unconscious and sometimes irrational beliefs about food and weight.

Address any negative body image and self esteem issues thay may contribute to a weight issue

Learn how to reduce daily stress

Increase motivation to exercise


You will be supported throughout the programme, and you can feel confident knowing that phone or email support is there for you as you continue to move towards your goal weight.




Hi Lyn,  I m so thrilled with the outcome of my treatment by hypnosis with you for weight loss using the virtual stomach gastric banding technique.  I found the process easy to adapt to, I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation involved, giving me some valued me time each day.  The weight loss has continued and I am pleased to say after 4 weeks I have lost 3.8 kg while still eating with the family, nothing special or bought to feed me only, just the ability to know when to stop eating.  What this means to me is I am still able to eat the family meals, and I have easily cut out all the junk food, the chocolate and biscuits and I naturally don't want to snack after work before dinner, or continue eating after my meals on chocolates and other sweets.

No diet is ever easy, but thanks to your help I have found this easier to stick to, with less cravings and a very positive thought in my head that when I see things I used to eat that are actually very fattening, I can easily not eat them and not feel deprived.

Thank you for your encouragement...your CD's make this experience a daily event of reinforcement. *

Best regards, Linda


My first experience with Lyn was positive and I learnt so much about myself.  Feelings that had been hiding for many years about my weight, family members and how I thought of myself.  Over the following visits with Lyn I became a different person, weight loss is great.  Respect for myself is so reassuring and I now have a life I want to live.  Lyn's help and guidance has enabled me to become the person I am and not the person I thought I should be. * Heather






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