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Factors which affect learning can include any of the following:

   • Poor study habits

   • Reduced ability to memorise

   • Lack of confidence or self esteem

   • Fear of failure

   • Lack of motivation

   • Negative childhood experiences


Your ability to study more effectively can be significantly improved within 1-2 sessions.


I can assist you to:

  1. Increase your confidence as a student
  2. Rid yourself of any past negative programming e.g. a teacher calling a student "stupid" and that label persisting
  3. Help you to "tap" into your innate or learned skills and talents
  4. Improve study habits
  5. Teach relaxation skills
  6. Address exam fear and visualize success 
  7. Improve learning skills and retention of information


Whether you are a school or university student, or a mature age student who has not tackled study in some years, I can give you the techniques and confidence to make study more enjoyable, and to enhance your ability to succeed.


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