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Loss can occur in many ways. Some of these situations may include:

   • Loss of a loved one

   • Loss of a job or financial security

   • Separation or divorce from a partner

   • Ill health or injury

   • Moving homes or areas

   • Change in family circumstancs e.g. children leaving home

   • Loss of an opportunity or dream


Feelings associated with any loss e.g. sadness, anger, hurt, guilt etc. are normal and recovery can take time and patience.

It is important for recovery that these feelings are recognized, expressed and released.  Allowing yourself to feel sorrow, loneliness, hurt etc. is important. If these feelings are resisted or pushed aside it is likely that they will resurface, sometimes months or years later.

Hypnotherapy can provide a gentle yet effective way of learning to access, acknowledge and finally release these emotions, allowing healing to take place over time.


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