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Pellowah healing


Pellowah is an exceptionally high vibrational healing, that has many positive effects on your mind and body. It is safe and very effective.


This healing can be done while you are in the comfort of your home, and is just as effective as if you were to have come into the office. It can be done for you or a family member, where ever you are in Australia.



Pellowah healing can have many positive effects on your anxiety levels. It can give you the ability to take a step back from the challenges you are currently facing, and view things with more clarity and from a different perspective. Doing this can give you the tools to help you work through the current challenges that you are facing. You will be able to approach the ever changing days with a calmer and more focused approach, and have the strength to face your upcoming challenges.



Pellowah can help with depression in many ways. It can make you feel lighter in mood, feel more positive, gain more energy, have better focus and overcome fear and self doubt. Even the smallest of changes can make a large difference to your life. If you are suffering from depression, I also recommend a series of over the phone therapy and support.


Physical issues

Pellowah balances the chakras and heals your aura. It also clears the meridians of blocked energy. It can help you remove old mental patterns, which in turn can lead to physical healing. These changes can greatly improve your energy levels, and may assist to heal chronic conditions. 


If you would like distant Pellowah Healing, please call me on 0421 046 955.


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