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I feel a lot clearer in my body and mind.  Perspective has been put back into my thought processes.  My mind is full of optimism and all the things I haven't been able to achieve are becoming reality. *



Dear Lyn,

A warm hearfelt thank you for the sudden transformation I have experienced in just a few sessions!   I I am no longer over eating because of anxiety or depression and have managed to lose 4kg so far.  Almost after our first session I realized how different I felt.  The journey of hypnosis has been amazing and I can't argue with the results.  I definitely would recommend you to anyone who wants a positive change in their lives. *

     Sincerely  Lisa F.  Melbourne


Over the last week a wonderful change has occurred whilst undergoing hypnosis for a gastric band.  Whereas before my eating was uncontrollable, now, in just a short time, I'm back at the helm, eating only when I'm hungry.  Miracles do happen! *



I was a heavy smoker of both marijuana and cigarettes for several years and stuck in a dead-end job, had friends that were only concerned with scoring weed off me, had relationships that quickly collapsed, became paranoid to ridiculouus extents and it was certain I was going to be stuck in this same self destructive cycle until I developed cancer or lost my mind to schizophrenia, or worse.

I had to make a change to get out of this vicious pattern. I knew a career change and a move interstate would be the best thing for me, but it seemed like I'd had to "eat an elephant" to make that change possible. But as the saying goes, the only way to eat an elephant is to eat it one spoonful at a time.

Lyn was the reason that it was all possible.  She gave me unwavering determination and mental tools to eliminate all those barriers from my life and become someone myself and my family could be proud of.  I got fit, got rid of my deadbeat friends (who turned out to not really be my friends at all), and helped me reconnect with my family and to start repairing my body physically and mentally for the future ahead.

I will NEVER touch another cigarette or joint again and I will never let myself degrade into such a depressing wreck.  The cravings and urges stopped and never came back, my anxiety and paranoia faded into obscurity, I sleep and dream deeply and peacefully and my motivation to better myself and to help those around me hasn't ebbed in the slightest.

Now,  I'm packing my bags after accepting my dream job interstate and I've never been happier, prouder and more fulfilled in my life.   I'm incredibly hopeful for the future and now when I'm presented with an elephant of a problem, I'm quickly asking for seconds!  ( Disclaimer: Lyn won't make you eat a real elephant, I promise! )

Thank you for everything Lyn.  There is no question that you saved me from an early grave.  Now where did I pack my spoons? *

     Name with held,  23   Formerly of Caulfield South


I have been battling public speaking, shyness, low confidence, and self belief from a young age, my first memory being in primary school.   

In the past I tried everything I can think of to help me but nothing worked. My last roll of the dice was Hypnosis and Lyn Schmidt. But before I tell you about my positive experience with Lyn and Hypnosis a little about the difficulties I had in the past.  

Public speaking or any type of speaking to people controlled my life completely to the point where I quit my first ever job after graduating from uni because I had to do a presentation to work colleagues.   

I then became self employed and worked my way through growing my business behind phones and email avoiding any possible face to face contact or keeping people contact to a minimum. The most ridiculous thing was I kept postponing the decision on when my fiancée and I would get married because I was terrified of the speech for the wedding. Early this year we booked our wedding for October 2011.   

In May 2011 I contacted Lyn and made an appointment to tackle my public speaking and prepare for my wedding speech. After my first session my fiancé noticed a huge difference in me including my confidence, my mood, my attitude and a lot of other things. Apparently I had an aura about me. I voluntarily continued to visit Lyn over the next two months for a total of four sessions, before my third session I too could clearly see the benefits working with Lyn.   

How do I feel now? FANTASIC. Lyn helped me with my public speaking but the therapy also gave me the added benefit of a suite of other things. Since visiting Lyn, I have been revolutionised. I attract more good things and more nice people, my business has accelerated, I am always confident, looking forward to speaking in front of people, can’t wait for the next presentation, I like contact with people, determined to succeed more, I love waking up early and making the most of my day, enjoy helping people, the list goes on and on. The experience has changed my life to the point where we have relocated from Victoria to Queensland and ready to live the life we always spoke about and were born to live.   

If you need an MC for your next event feel free to contact me, only kidding, I’m busy swimming, surfing and travelling Queensland’s coast.   

I highly recommend Lyn at Caulfield Hypnotherapy.  *

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives     

     Regards Jack, Melbourne


Dear Lyn ,  I attended a few sessions with you and I can't thank you enough for the change it has made in my life.  I feel as if a cloud has raised my mind and I can think each situation more clearly.  My relationship with my husband has improved  in leaps and bounds, I really can't thank you enough.  I wish you all the best and may many more lives be enlightened by you. *

Love and Regards, Nayana


Working with Lyn gave me clarity and a true sense of relief.  Her methods are sound and the results have given me a sense of calm and confidence I never had before. *   Janine


Before I came I felt very distressed and very unhappy, not dealing with life well at all.  But now I feel like I have a new lease on life.  I am much happier, deal with stress much better, and most importantly I am kilos lighter.  FANTASTIC *  Sandy





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