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In light of the recent situation with Covid-19, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to not see clients in person. If you would like support during this time, I am still offering phone consultations as well as distant Pellowah Healing. 


For the phone consultations, I can provide you counselling as well as teach you the tools to stay calm, and get through the changes and challenges you may be currently facing.


Pellowah Healing is also a great option during this time. It is pure channeled healing that works extremely well for anxiety, depression and physical issues. Healing can be done while you are in the comfort of your home, and is just as effective as if you were to have come into the office. Read more about Pellowah Healing.


If you would like phone counselling and support, or distant Pellowah Healing, please give me a call on 0421 046 955.


I wish all the my clients good health and happiness.


Warm regards,

Lyn Schmidt





Welcome to the Caulfield Counselling and Hypnotherapy website




   • Are you suffering physically or emotionally?

   • Do you feel lost or out on control?

   • Have you tried unsuccessfully to overcome addictions or depression?

   • Are you held back by negative thoughts or actions?

   • Would you like to be able to learn new skills, initiate positive change, or just face life with greater      confidence and optimism?  




My name is Lyn and I am a highly qualified Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I provide a caring professional environment, with emphasis placed on improving the health and well-being of clients. I can assist you to find the resources within yourself to establish positive healthy patterns and become confident in your life.


Some areas helped include:

   • Weight control

   • Sleep disorders/insomnia

   • Exhaustion/fatigue

      PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder

   • Addictions (smoking, drinking, gambling etc).

   • Fears and phobias

   • Depression

   • Confidence and self esteem

   • Diabetes

   • Relationships

   • Public speaking

   • Pain control

   • Stress managment and life changes

   • Motivation

   • Mind/body healing


So if you have:

  1. Unwanted thoughts or behaviours that are causing you anxiety.
  2. Past experiences or traumas that prevent you from living a full life.
  3. Day to day pressures that are adversely affecting you.
  4. Lack of energy or motivation
  5. Confidence or self esteem issues


Then take the first step and call me to discuss positive options for your life



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